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I'm Dionna- (she/her)

I come from a military family, so I grew up all over the place. I'm from a lot of places, but from nowhere at the same time. I was born in Alaska, spent some time in Texas, most summers were in Washington camping on a farm, and lived next door in Utah, but my home has always been Colorado. I started my journey into photography while I lived in California, where the beaches, the desert, and the redwoods captured my heart. If I had it my way- I would wander barefoot everywhere I went, and there would be fog in the air every day.

I've honestly lived a couple of lives already. I originally went to school for nursing. Received a degree in psychology, early childhood education, and business. I worked as a CNA, an insurance coder + biller, a dental assistant, a Jimmy Johns sandwich "artist", and a Jamba Juice smoothie "expert". I played college soccer as a goalkeeper at Adams State. I lived in my car with a 16-week-old Belgian Malinois when I first moved to California, and  I've made lifelong friends who are now all over the world. Through it all, one thing has always remained the same. My love for love.

All the unique experiences, and people in my life- I like to think it has shaped me into the person I am today. My grandma taught me to take no shit and to always stand up for myself and others. My grandpa taught me to always be a man of my word and to never do something unless it is 100% of your best. My mom has shown me how to selflessly care for the people in my life no matter if it's a stranger or family member. And my own soul has a fire for adventure and human connection. And all this has shaped my style as a photographer. I love the storytelling images and nontraditional portraits that feel like art. I'm a sucker for movement, genuine emotion, and a little bit of edge.

I started Rogue Shutter Photography because I wanted to be a part of making life's milestones over-romanticized. I wanted to be able to share my love and passion for making this life as interesting and exciting as possible with the like-minded clients I meet. I want to provide my clients with an inclusive, authentic experience that captures their unique stories. I want to spend my days exploring the mountains, barefoot on the trail, and laughing with new friends. I want to capture the vulnerable moment of sharing vows, wind-blown hair, and messy kisses as we celebrate your commitment to one another. I want to know my clients at their core and the only way to do that is by creating a safe and respected space to come and be who you are. My goal is to support my clients through the process, while also giving them photos that feel like art.

So however you got here, whatever your story is, you have found a home here with me. If any of this resonates with you- we are going to be friends.


Lets connect and make it happen 

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Let's get
your milestones documented

2022 is almost booked up! Select weekends available for Weddings & Elopements. Associate coverage is available for dates I am already booked. NOW BOOKING 2023. Session availability for weekdays & select Fridays. Fill out the contact form so I can get all your details. I'll reach out within 24-48 hours to start planning with you! 

-Talk soon