Submit this form to be entered to win the 2022 Instagram giveaway. This giveaway will award one lucky couple a complimentary 8-hour wedding package. Terms and conditions are listed below:

By submitting the following form you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Qualifications to Enter: There is no cost to enter this drawing or to claim the prize. To enter, the individual must be 1.) getting legally married in 2023. 2.) be a new client of Rogue Shutter Photography. 3.) be following Rogue Shutter Photography on Instagram, 4.) be 18 years or older. 5.) be located within the United States.

One entry per person is permitted. Additional submissions by an individual will not be accepted. Both people of a partnership may enter the contest as long as each individual meets the qualifications to enter, and submits a separate submission form. Family or friends are not permitted to enter this contest on the behalf of the individuals getting married. 

Definition of Contest: The 2022 Instagram contest is a sweepstakes- or a promotional drawing where winners are selected at random. The contest will open once the Instagram page Rogue Shutter Photography reaches 1,000 followers. Entries before the Instagram page reaches 1,000 followers will be disqualified from entry. The winner will be selected live on Instagram two weeks after the contest has opened at 5:00 pm Mountain Time (Denver). 

Selection of the winner: The winner cannot be a currently booked client of Rogue Shutter Photography. The term booked client is defined as a person or party who has signed a contract and paid the retainer fee with Rogue Shutter Photography for their wedding taking place in 2023. The winner must be following Rogue Shutter Photography's Instagram page for the entirety of the contest running. If the selected winner is not following Rogue Shutter Photography at the time of drawing, they will be disqualified from the contest and a new winner will be selected at random. The selected winner will be required to sign a contract with the photographer. If the selected winner does not claim their prize and sign the contract with Rogue Shutter Photography within 3 days of the announcement of the winner, a new winner will be selected at random. If the selected winner declines the prize for any reason, a new winner will be selected. In the event the selected winner declines the prize, the selected winner is not entitled to any monetary or additional services compensation by Rogue Shutter Photography.

Definition of prize: The prize will consist of 8 continuous hours of photography coverage by the main photographer of Rogue Shutter Photography, a private online gallery, all digital images delivered in high-quality JPEG format with professional editing consistent with the photographer's style, a print-release, unlimited download of images, and planning and consultation assistance. An engagement session is not included with this prize. Travel is included to anywhere within the United States, Alaska and Hawaii included. Travel is defined as hotel, rental car, gas, and flights. The winner can choose to add on additional services at the current cost at their own discretion. Purchase of additional services is not required.  The prize is not exchangeable for cash, other monetary value, or other services. The prize is non-transferable and must be used in the year 2023. If the selected winner's wedding date is the same as a currently booked client of the photographers, the photographer will send an associate to take the place of the main photographer. If the selected winner chooses to decline the associate photographer, the selected winner forfeits their prize, and a new winner will be selected.