My Favorite Photoshoot Locations in Colorado Springs for 2022 - 2023

Updated: Apr 27

Updated April 27, 2022

Photoshoot Locations in Colorado Springs - Hi, I'm Your New Guide!

Colorado Springs is home to a thriving downtown and so many beautiful spots for photoshoots. With a variety of stunning backdrops and breath-taking views, here are my TOP favorite four locations in Colorado Springs that are perfect for Engagements, Elopements, Weddings, Couples, or Personal Branding.

Below are my TOP PICKS for Photoshoot Locations in Colorado Springs!
Below are my TOP PICKS for Photoshoot Locations in Colorado Springs!


1. Down Town Colorado Springs - Denver Biscuit Company

2. Garden of the Gods

3. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

4. Seven Falls

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Down Town Colorado Springs

Down Town Colorado Springs - Top locations for photoshoots 2022 2023
Beautiful Architecture of Down Town Colorado Springs

Looking for adorable Couple Photos? Or maybe you want unique Personal Branding that will stand out. The area around Denver Biscuit Company offers unique architecture, access to a rooftop, and a unique art gallery. This hidden gem is perfect for cute couple photos or iconic headshots.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods - Photoshoot 2022-2023 best locations Colorado
Garden of the Gods

This registered National Landmark features 300ft sandstone formations against a stunning view of Pikes Peak (a personal favorite of mine and a MUST when visiting the area). For adventurous couples, or if you're looking to pop the question, Garden of the Gods makes for gorgeous photos every. single. time.

Manitou Penny Arcade

Manitou Penny Arcade Top best locations for colorado springs photoshoots
Manitou Penny Arcade makes for STUNNING photos

A unique space for couples portraits, family photos or your personal branding is the Penny Arcade in Manitou. A historic location, the penny arcade offers indoor & outdoor options, covered space, and entertainment for everyone. My favorite ice-cream shop is located close to the arcade games.

Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls Stunning photography Colorado Springs idea
Helen Hunt Falls

My last but certainly not least choice has to be Helen Hunt Falls (there's so much to love about this one!!) If you are up for the adventure, the miles of scenery surrounding the waterfalls is well worth the drive. Truly a masterpiece by nature, this backdrop makes for photos unlike any you've ever seen before.

Want more photoshoot locations?

None of these stick out to you? Check out other adventurous shoots I've done here:

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What's a good photo without the memory made within it?

Beautiful photography is only half of what Rogue Shutter Photography does... The passion that drives a photographer to climb mountains and scale canyons is the authentic memories we create and capture. A Rogue Shutter Photography session is about the experience, not just the finished product, which is why these locations are my top choices for Colorado Springs. Real, rugged, genuine moments- that's what makes the best photography.

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