New Brand, New Website, New Start.

Updated: Feb 25

Welcome to my brand new website! (Still the same me, just re-branded).

I am sooo so excited to share my new logo and website. So whether you’re new here or have stuck with me since the beginning, welcome!! I’m so glad you’re here!

As Rogue Shutter Photography keeps changing and growing, it only makes sense that my branding should do the same. I needed my website, logo, and every little detail to really reflect not only who I am, but what makes Rogue Shutter Photography such a unique, incredible experience. That’s why every element, color, and texture was carefully designed to reflect the rogue, rugged, and real. If you’re a Rogue Shutter fan, you already know our focus is on providing an authentic experience for any and everyone. We are proud to offer an incredible experience to anyone willing to go off the beaten path. Our aim is to create a stress free safe space for everyone regardless of religion, sexuality, political standing, body size, or skin color.

My goal with this new branding and website is to better show my authentic self, and open the door for others to show their authentic selves as well. This truly is a safe place to share aspirations, dreams, and journeys.

So when you see my new logo featuring a nature scene, or notice the earthy tones of my new color palette, know that this is a true reflection of the rugged adventure that is Rogue Photography- I can’t wait to take you on the journey with us!

-Dionna, Owner & Photographer

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