When I Get Married - My Personal Top Ten Wedding Venues for Colorado 2022-2023

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, This is what it is to be happy."

― Sylvia Plath

Photo Credit: Surf Hotel & Chateau Buena Vista, CO
Photo Credit: Hayley Allen; Surf Hotel & Chateau Buena Vista, CO

Hey guys! If you're anything like me, you have a love for all things nature, adventure, and botanical and want to incorporate them into special moments. Stunning views like the one above make beautiful backdrops for such moments, like weddings and elopements. Whether you adore urban settings, natural elements, or both, you'll love these top ten venues I'd pick if I got married in Colorado.

Top Venues - Table of Contents: 1. Moss Denver

2. Urban Industrial Space

3. The Lofthouse

4. Eclectic Industrial

5. The Lyons Farmette

6. SKYLIGHT 7. Ski Tip Lodge

8. RiverCrest Cabins

9. The Oaks

10. Surf Hotel & Chateau

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Top Venue #1: Moss Denver

Photo Credit: mossdenver.com

Moss Denver is a venue that brings the beauty of nature indoors with a gorgeous mossy backdrop with natural lighting and wood tones. If you're worried about the weather, but want beautiful natural elements, this one is a must!

Top Venue #2: Urban Industrial Space

Photo Credit: peerspace.com

This chic venue combines elegance and natural elements with this white floral backdrop. A former brick factory has now been transformed into this Urban Industrial Space perfect for small, intimate events of 50 or less, but can handle up to 125 guests.

Top Venue #3: The Lofthouse

Photo Credit: peerspace.com

Looking for a gorgeous evening surrounded by nature? The Lofthouse is nestled in the middle of a forest and has big windows to let in natural light. Perfect for a small wedding celebration with family.

Top Venue #4: Eclectic Industrial Outdoor Space

Photo Credit: peerspace.com

Located in the heart of RiNo in downtown Denver, this Eclectic Industrial space provides both indoor and outdoor settings. Take amazing photos against the exposed brick, art galleries, and surrounding plant life.

Top Venue #5: The Lyons Farmette

Photo Credit: lyonsfarmette.com

Looking for something special? The Lyons Farmette is an organic farm turned gorgeous wedding venue with a peaceful, intimate, farm feel.

Top Venue #6: SKYLIGHT

Photo Credit: www.herecomestheguide.com

SKYLIGHT lives up to its name; this venue floods in natural light from the ceiling, making every moment picture perfect. Plus, there's a hidden courtyard just right for a ceremony, cocktail hour, or an outdoor lounge area.

Top Venue #7: Ski Tip Lodge

Photo Credit: IN Photography, herecomestheguide.com

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, the Ski Tip Lodge is one of the most jaw dropping venues with very little effort; the scenic view speaks for itself. This is one of my favorites for an outdoor wedding.

Top Venue #8: Rivercrest Cabins


If nature is your happy place, you'll fall in love with Rivercrest Cabins. Say "I do" next to a peaceful river in the natural setting of the Rio Grande Valley and San Juan Mountains.

Top Venue #9: The Oaks

Photo Credit: theoaks.com

Nestled in the rolling hills of Castle Rock, Colorado, The Oaks is a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern taste. Great for large or small weddings alike.

Top Venue #10: Surf Hotel & Chateau

This venue is what boho dreams are made of. If you want cozy, but free-spirited vibes located next to natural scenery perfect for wedding photos, the Surf Hotel & Chateau offers the best of both worlds.

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